Custom Web Apps

Synthesys builds solutions.

We have a history of building web-applications that simply work.

We are on time, within budget.

In addition to our independent development projects, SchoolWorks SIS and Enroll ‘N Go for K-12 schools, we have completely developed five open-source web applications (ClientLink, Reality Organizer, Data Form B, MISO Listener, OpenIT) using a combination of resources, but primarily MySQL or PostgreSQL and PHP. Our custom applications developed for other companies include several proprietary vertical applications (e.g. Medline Industries’ Incontinence Applications, Bid Advantage, Joint & Several Restitution) using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and C# programming language.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve done “outside the box.”

Bid Advantage

Bid Advantage is a custom roofing estimator solution that is designed to work exclusively with Duro-Last roofing products. By entering some basic information about a roofing contract, Bid Advantage accurately calculates material costs as well as labor expenses. Synthesys programmers built this system in Visual Studio.NET.  Synthesys used Crystal Reports to customize the Bid Advantage reporting system. Roofing contractors in several states use Bid Advantage to generate bids and calculate job costs with accuracy and confidence.


ClientLink advanced remote viewing and demonstration software ClientLink is a remote viewing and demonstration tool designed to meet two of the most important needs of vertical software developers: getting new customers and keeping existing customers happy.  With ClientLink, software demonstration no longer requires expensive travel or demonstration versions of your application.  Instead, they can interact with the prospective customers live.  Gone are the days of guessing what your customer sees on their screen.  With ClientLink, you can watch them process and quickly diagnose their problem.  Support call duration decreases while successful resolutions increase!  ClientLink is fully customizable to maintain your corporate image.


Joint & Several Restitution Tracking for Circuit Clerk Officers

Joint & Several SoftwareSynthesys has developed an accounting system to track payments of restitution by criminals. Particularly, the Bond County Clerk required a system capable of tracking “joint and several” payments. In certain circumstance, monetary judgments are assigned, in whole, to several defendants – instead of being split equitably between them. In this scenario, no defendant’s debt to the plaintiff is paid until the entire amount of the judgment is paid. The trick to making this work for the County is clean programming and accurate accounting business logic. The end product, Joint and Several Software, is useful for Circuit Clerks throughout the State of Illinois.