Content Management

Our Speciality – Web Content Management.


Since 2001, Synthesys has focused our corporate attention on web content management.  In fact, we’ve developed our own branch of the open-source CMS, Umbraco, called NovusCMS.  This centerpiece  is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the government clients we serve. Since it’s introduction, NovusCMS has been implemented for more than 100 public sector organizations.

Other Custom CMS Implementations

In addition to our work building NovusCMS, we’ve  built some amazing small business and non-profit sites as well as some very complex customized sites.   Depending on the specifications of the project and customer, we may use other open-source CMS engines like Drupal or WordPress.  Use the drop down menus to see three  examples in each category (simple, medium, complex).

Synthesys is a Certified Umbraco Developer and a member of the Association of Content Management Professionals.

Umbraco Certified Developer