Synthesys has custom built large scale content management web applications that perform functions well beyond that which is native to any CMS engine.

Illinois Association of Court Clerks

The Illinois Association of Court Clerks website is a central hub for communication between all circuit clerks in the State of Illinois.  The site features newsletter, bulk mailer, online e-pay, and document management, among other functions.  Custom programming in PHP with a Drupal CMS engine, make this site a powerful tool for Association members.

Illinois Association of Court Clerks

Greenville Regional Hospital’s Online Application

Online job posting and applicant tracking was the goal of the Greenville Regional Hospital project.  We built this system to feature a custom workflow to move applications through the organizations internal hiring personnel for review and approval.

Online Employment Application

Hewlett Packard Professional User Association

When Interex needed a third-party to build a web site for members to vote for their board of directors they called Synthesys Solutions. A solution was built using the MySQL database and the PHP programming language. Privacy and security issues were of concern, and the solution included a high security encryption protocol.

HP User Group Online Advocacy

Our work with Interex earned us the privilege to build the HP User Group Online Advocacy website.  This site was used by HP Users around the world to post issues with their HP products and vote for issues to be forwarded to HP for a response.   Drupal was the CMS engine of choice with extensive custom programming in PHP.   Although this HP user group was forced to file for bankruptcy, our reference with this group is still available for contact.