Often, a customer has a fairly simple idea for their website, but they want a combination of functional pieces that makes things a bit more difficult. Here are some examples of “Not So Easy, but Not So Hard” CMS projects.

Bradford National Bank

Bradford National Bank
With four locations and over hundreds of customers, Bradford National Bank needed a solution for an online presence.  Their primary concern was easily updating their site content.  But they also wanted integration with online banking and bill pay features.

Synthesys chose Drupal for this project.  Several features required customized plugins to pull the site functionality together.  In the end, Bradford now has a stylish and professional site that will allow their customers to do online banking and bill pay.

Westover Construction

At first glance, the Westover Construction website seemed fairly easy.   But add an image gallary with integrated mapping of each customer in a database; plus a few extras they didn’t know they wanted at first….and this project got more exciting with each project meeting.

To accomplish everything that the customer wanted and leave room for any unknowns that may pop up in the future, Synthesys used Drupal for the CMS engine.  Existing plugins matched well with much of the primary functionality.  Custom integration with Google Maps made this site exactly what the customer wanted.